Experience Tucson: Connected with the City

31 Mar

Here are four reactions from Second Mile’s Experience Tucson. Different people, common thread: connection.

“Experience Tucson was such an awesome weekend for me. I had not really seen that many parts of the city and had no idea it had so much to offer. Serving the community of Tucson helped me feel so much more connected with the city and the people serving with me. One of the things loved most was spending time with refugee children because seeing them have so much fun without having to give anything but our time was a really cool experience. Experience Tucson definitely changed my view of the city I live in and made me appreciate the people and places here.”

– Andrea Alley

“When we work together for a common goal, it not only betters the lives of people we serve, but it brings us closer together. Experience Tucson was not just about experiencing the city, but experiencing life together as a community in Tucson.”

– Jonathan Louie

“During Experience Tucson, I was not only able to experience parts of Tucson that I normally don’t get to see as a college student, but I had the privilege of seeing how God is working in people’s lives in Tucson.

“By far, my favorite experience was taking Somali refugee kids hiking. Throughout the day, I was able to see parts of who Jesus is in the way that the kids interacted with each other and how they interacted with us. It was an amazing reminder of the importance of child-like faith.”

– Tori Einstein

“Doing mission trips brings you closer to people, helping develop a family within the church. Over this trip I began to form that church family I love and will never forget. They will always be a part of my heart.

“‘Miss Nicky, don’t you want to get in the water? It is so fun!’ says a little refugee girl.

“‘No, thank you. I am just going to stand here and help you guys.’

“I then proceeded to fall in, and all the girls laughed and thought it was so funny, as did everyone on shore. It was so fun to just interact with those girls and laugh with them and just hang out in the water.”

– Nicky Bain


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