Brad Butler Does Not Want to Be a Sucker, But a Tootsie Pop Would Be Nice Right About Now

1 Apr

Here’s Brad Butler’s “Nobody Wants to Be a Sucker” playlist, with videos and Brad’s explanations of suckers and suckerhood. Turn it up and try real hard not to be a sucker.

1. Flavor of the Week – American Hi-Fi: A song about how the girls that chase the “bad boy” image are just a temporary trophy and/or conquest.

2. Don’t Trust that Girl – Ace Troubleshooter: A song about when a guy is totally in love with a girl who doesn’t share the same feelings and the pain that comes with that situation.

3. The Best Deceptions – Dashboard Confessional: A song about being deceived by the one you love.

4. So Cold I Could See My Breath – Emery: A song about giving into lust and the aftereffects of it in a relationship.

5. There’s A War Going On For Your Mind – Flobots: No one wants to fall for the propaganda that we face on a daily basis. Do you recognize it or fall victim to it?

6. Redefine – Incubus: Don’t let society play you for a sucker and tell you what to do! Be yourself and be creative!

Album Version:

Bonus Acoustic Version:

7. Your Knife, My Back – Kids in the Way: Finally learning your lesson and choosing not to go back and be with those “toxic” friendship relationships that we all have had at some point in our life. We can either choose to move forward with change or continue to be hurt by the same friends for the same old reasons.

8. Lost Myself In Search Of You – Matt Nathanson: The story of one person being in a committed relationship while the other person is not so much into the whole just dating one person idea.

9. Little Devil – Mindy Smith: The constant struggle of giving in to temptation, feeling guilty about it, and then repeating the process.

10. Pythons Awake! – Pompeii: Just because something is a fad doesn’t make it the right thing to do! Don’t jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else is doing it!

11. Boys Lie – Signal the Escape: When do you stop trusting those people that always lie to you? How much and how many times will you let them hurt you? Plus, “big kids lie!”



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