D&S + Reflective Collective Tees

2 Jun

The first Dove&Snake shirt will be produced by Tucson’s own Reflective Collective (made up of friends of Dove&Snake Andrew Ling and John Weatherford). We’re curious who would be interested in locally-designed, hand-printed, American Apparel Dove&Snake tees. This first tee will be red and cost a reasonable* $15.

If you are interested in purchasing a Dove&Snake tee, please comment below or send an email to doveandsnake@secondmi.org with SHIRT in the subject line. Tell us what size you’d like to wear so Reflective Collective knows what shirts to print.

*Reasonable for the following reasons: that’s half what Urban Outfitters asks for tees and less than many other trendy places, it’s $2 less than American Apparel shirts (which are so cottony soft and made by fairly-paid folks in Los Angeles, CA) when purchased in American Apparel stores, it supports not one but two local creative enterprises (run by people you might just know and love), the shirts will be numero uno in a (hopefully, if all goes well) long run of limited edition D&S tees designed by local artists, and there will be a certain exclusivity to owning said numero uno because it will be a small print run that will only be available for purchase for a short time and then only be available in the wardrobes of your friends.


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