Letters from Juarez: “I’ll be stuck here for awhile.”

18 Jun

Lupe Leon is a wife and a mother. She grew up in the United States. She is not a US citizen, but she’s seeking citizenship. To accomplish that goal, Lupe had to travel to Juarez, Mexico. After hearing a bit of her experience in Juarez, we asked her to write us about her life right now and send us any photos she may have taken.

She is in Juarez now. We can tell you that she is staying with family, but her husband and children are here in Tucson. We have her dispatches from the bordertown, from trying to immigrate to where she grew up, from staying with family in a dangerous place, from taking photos from the car for safety, from–

Here’s the first of Lupe’s letters from Juarez. There will be more.

(This is a compilation of several short pieces of correspondence from June 2 to June 7, 2009.)

I’m not sure what you want me to write. I can tell you that there are soldiers everywhere. In the past few days there have been more than 30 murders. As for the immigration part, it’s difficult. I see so many people everywhere who are here for the same reason I am, except when they get denied and are told they have to stay here, they have no family.


Today, I got a 10 year ban, but I am able to file a waiver. So that’s good. A 10 year ban means I can’t go back to the US because I was there illegally for more than a year since the age of 18. The waiver is just a file we can submit. If we can prove that it would be extreme hardship for me to be here, then they would waive the ban and I can get a visa. My next appointment is July 21, so I’ll be stuck here for awhile.


Life here is fine. We haven’t seen much but the consulate area. I can tell you that you have to pay to park anywhere. I’ll write more soon.

Take care,



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