Billy and Bo: A First Look at D*I*Y

20 Aug

Derek Griffith is a local filmmaker who also happens to be a friend of Dove&Snake*. He’s spent a good chunk of 2009 making a feature film called D*I*Y. Shooting is nearly complete, and editing has already begun. We asked Derek if he would be willing to give us a peek at the early post-production work, and he obliged.

Derek gave us a synopsis of what’s going on in this scene:

Billy Woah (Mark Scaramuzzo) has just fled D*I*Y Records, an independent record label, to sign his band to a major record deal with Mascarelli Distribution. Billy leaves relationships behind and sells out for money and greed. Bo Riley (Adara Lialios) sees to it that Billy realizes the pompous rock star that he’s become. Prior to this scene, a local news reporter wrote an article about D*I*Y’s grassroots movement and its growing success. Bo uses the write-up as leverage to persuade Billy’s band, The Woah-Oh’s, to come back to D*I*Y, which is owned by her best friend, Shane.

***Derek asked us to make this a limited time only preview, so we took this scene down. Check back with us for more updates on D*I*Y.***

*It was actually Derek who first requested a black Dove&Snake tee. He paid during the round of red ones, but really really really wanted a black one. He said he would wait until we made one. That got the ball rolling on the second batch of tees, the black ones.


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