¡Viva Los Hotdogueros!

26 Aug

The New York Times published an article today entitled “In Praise of the All-American Mexican Hot Dog.”

The article not only describes the wonder that is the Sonoran Hot Dog, but visits Dove&Snake restaurant of choice, El Güero Canelo, right here in Tucson.


Here’s our favorite snippet from the article:

“In Tucson, bacon-wrapped, Mexican-dressed hot dogs are not ascendant. They’re dominant.”

Read the article to get a little history lesson on the origin(s) of the hot dog in its south-of-the-border incarnation, as well as to enjoy the national spotlight shining on a local favorite.

*Thanks to Matt Matera for bringing the NY Times article to our attention, and to John Weatherford for the use of his photo.


One Response to “¡Viva Los Hotdogueros!”

  1. Alisa 26.08.09 at 5:50 pm #

    Whoa this is so great! My boyfriend from Boulder, CO, just came to Tucson a bit ago, and he had an El Guero hot dog. He doesn’t like onions much, but he wanted the full experience.

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