Punks + Archivalists + D&S

19 Sep

Mike Herrera of MxPx fame flew into Tucson to play a small role in Derek Griffith’s D*I*Y. He also has a new band called Tumbledown (instead of MxPx punk, think more in the honky tonk direction), and he shows up in a music video for “Break Out of History” (from Tumbledown’s eponymous first record), which is cut from clips of D*I*Y, wearing the Dove&Snake shirt he dons in the movie.

That shirt belongs to Andy Coley, an intern on the film who purchased the last L in that second run of black shirts, and rumor has it that Herrera signed the shirt after wearing it. We’re hoping to get some confirmation photos of that autograph sometime soon.

Add that to a mention in the department newsletter for the School of Information Resources and Library Sciences at the University of Arizona that came as a result of Matthew Helmke’s short story in Issue No.2 and his subsequent interview on our blog, and we’re getting some excellent publicity* in less-than-expected places. One of the main goals of D&S is to explore culture wherever there is culture to explore here in Tucson, so we’re grateful to both Derek and Matthew for helping us extend into their respective arenas.

*In vastly different circles, we’re assuming. We don’t want to stereotype either fans of country music made by punk musicians or graduate students learning about archiving information, but we believe it’s fairly safe to assume the overlap between those two populations is not large.


2 Responses to “Punks + Archivalists + D&S”

  1. Alisa Wilhelm 19.09.09 at 8:13 pm #

    How did you find out that D&S was mentioned in the department newsletter?

  2. sdappleman 19.09.09 at 9:14 pm #

    Matthew gave us the heads up. It’s his department.

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