Editor’s New Addition

13 Oct

Janice and Lucy

Here’s my new daughter, Lucy, sleeping next to my wife, Janice. When she packed her bag to be ready for a hospital stay, she threw her red D&S tee in and ended up wearing it the first full day of Lucy’s brand new life.

Dove&Snake is a project that happens mostly in spare time, and there may be a little less of that with a new daughter now staying in our home, counting on us for food and warmth and all that. However, this zine is important enough to still get some spare time. I was planning on sending a copy of Issue No.1 to Glasgow this weekend (Glasgow!), but Lucy’s arrival pushed that back. Now I’ll fill the Etsy order sometime this week during my time off from my real job.

I’m also working on the possibilities of placing D&S on some local bookseller shelves. Right now, I’m working contacts. I’ll post notice if D&S becomes available in fine sellers of words-on-pages anywhere here in our locale. Oh, and speaking of our locale, a second D&S + Reflective Collective shirt is in the early stages of development. We’re really excited about this one because it’s 520-centric, it’s a play on words, and it includes an exclamation point.

Issue No.3 is in the works. I’ve already seen early drafts of the pieces about marathons, psychology, and life as a medical intern in Africa. This issue should be fun because it’s the first one that will, if all goes as planned, contain only content developed specifically for D&S.

Also, I’ve been planting the seeds for an issue entirely focused on immigration, something that should not be overlooked for those of us who call the Southwest home. That issue will include many different perspectives on the life of immigrants: educators, graduate students who study Latin America, community college students just trying to study, legal immigrants, undocumented aliens, those who have lived abroad and at home, volunteers, those in charge of volunteers, and more.

After the immigration issue, I also want to do a photo issue. Instead of words bound into a booklet, the idea is that each copy of that issue would be an envelope full of photos from local photographers, professional or amateur. They would be the sort of photos that would be suitable for your wall, but you wouldn’t know exactly which ones you were getting as you open up your envelope. I don’t want D&S to focus on words words words and overlook images and the people who capture them. Part of the goal of D&S is to be creative with what an issue of a zine can be, so this is part of that exploration.

Those are the big ideas coming up. I’m going to being working hard at raising my two daughters, but I also want Dove&Snake to keep telling stories and connecting people with what’s going on here in Tucson (and telling of the adventures that occur when Tucsonans venture far away), so I’m going to work hard at building D&S, too.

– Scott


One Response to “Editor’s New Addition”

  1. Matt 14.10.09 at 9:23 am #

    Love the energy behind both the importance of fatherhood and this zine. I look forward to meeting Lucy and seeing the next issue. Issues 1 & 2 have been impacted some of my work so far by either providing a good laugh or some great perspectives on life.

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