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Go Heart Your Own City

1 Dec

This is a shirt you can buy from Urban Outfitters. It pretty much sums up what we’re trying to do with D&S. Enough with all the ♥ing of NY. More ♥ing of Tucson.

Ironically, the shirt is from somewhere far away. The fine print nestled underneath the Y in CITY indicates that this is New York kindly but sternly admonishing the rest of us to be citizens of our own cities, not piners for the Big Apple.

So pick up a copy of Tucson Weekly. Head down to a show and buy a painting made by someone who lives here or listen to a band made of people you know. Bypass Starbucks and buy your coffee at Avenue Coffee or Caffe Luce or Raging Sage. Eat a Sonoran hotdog from El Guero Canelo or a vendor in a vacant lot with some folding chairs set up under a tarp for an awning.

♥ Tucson.