D&S Video

We partnered with Tucson’s own Reflective Collective for the first Dove&Snake tee. They designed and hand-printed the shirts, and John DeSoto took his camera along to watch John Weatherford and Andrew Ling work their magic on some red American Apparel shirts.

Here’s a look at the Tucson Grid Project 2.0 photography show from April. In this video, we hear from John Weatherford (the man with the TGP plan), Nate Edwards (who photographed Weariness), and the duo of Jenn Spohn and Sara Babler (who sought out images of Zest). Check out the photos and the buzz of people enjoying the photos at the show.

What was that? You didn’t get to go to Keegan Rider’s Check2Check Art Opening? Why, yes, we can help you out. We went. Yes, Dove&Snake went. We even made a video. Yes, John DeSoto–the John DeSoto, uh huh–put together a video of the art show. Here it is.

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