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Dove&Snake Subscriptions in the Works

27 Nov

We’ve heard enough D&S readers ask about subscriptions lately to make us move from wondering* about how and when we would set up subscriptions to figuring out the necessary particulars to make it happen.

Here’s what the deal will most likely be: Somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 will get a Dove&Snake subscriber four issues. We’ll do some more math to narrow that neighborhood down. Instead of calling it a year’s subscription like most print publications, we’ll say four issues because the nature of this particular beast** requires a flexible view of regularity.

We’ll do our best to publish four issues in the four quarters of a year. If we find we must adjust our schedule, subscribers could rest assured that they would still be in line for a quartet of issues, whatever they may be****. One of our goals is to be creative in publishing. We promise to be interesting, and a subscription would just guarantee that you receive the benefits of our creativity and curiosity over a sustained period of time.

We also have this thing about making issues special. No.1 included custom doodle and short-short edition, and several copies of No.2 were either stenciled or screen printed by local artists Keegan Rider or Reflective Collective. We would continue that trend with subscribers in mind, so you never know what surprise your issue would carry with it to your mailbox.

In short, the time seems right. Subscriptions would begin with D&S No.3, parts of which are either ready or getting there. Once we nail down the final details, we’ll post them here.

Right now, we’d love to hear if you’d be interested in a D&S subscription. If so, please let us know by commenting below, informing us on our Facebook page, or sending an email to doveandsnake@secondmi.org (feel free to ask questions or explain your excitement at the impending arrival of your prepaid D&S issues in your mailbox).

*We’ve always wondered about it. Yes, from the beginning. We just want to make sure we can do it well.

**Original content from people who don’t consider themselves writers*** but whose stories are interesting and unknown and local. Edited by someone who cares about writing and reading enough to add running a zine onto a day job as a Writing educator.

***Don’t get the wrong idea, though. They are good. They’ve studied it, even. They wrestle with words and they write pages worth reading. They are also people who just needed a nudge to get those words flowing. We are in the business of nudging people.

****Current plans include an immigration issue as well as an issue comprised of photographs by local photographers. Our goal with both: perspectives (stories on immigration from educators, volunteers, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, and more; photos from all over Tucson from students, amateurs, and professionals).


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