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Dove&Snake Video: Check2Check Art Opening

9 Apr

What was that? You didn’t get to go to Keegan Rider’s Check2Check Art Opening? Why, yes, we can help you out. We went. Yes, Dove&Snake went. We even made a video. Yes, John DeSoto–the John DeSoto, uh huh–put together a video of the art show. Here it is.


Check2Check Art Opening

27 Mar

Tonight from 7-10pm, The Living Room (4th Ave & 5th St) is hosting Keegan Rider’s Check2Check Art Opening, featuring art by Josh Flood, Keegan Rider, Pat Foley, Iner, Balley Hill, K-Beth, Goner, Grader, John-Paul Olson, Ray Roy OE, S. Scuzzin, Andy Stiembrink, Token, Prime Suspect Trevor, Jesse Vasquez, Matt Wade, James Walterson and selected pieces from the Kai One Inc art collection. The show is free, but you can donate a few bucks to The Living Room at the door.

We hoped to sit down with Keegan before the show and conduct a proper, full-fledged interview about what he calls his “best project/art party yet,” but he had scheduled a road trip to “go to California and see big trees,” so we did a quick mini-interview over email this week. check2check1

DOVE&SNAKE: What’s up with the upcoming art show? That’s a big list of artists on the Facebook event page, and I saw something about spray paint. Is it a graffiti show?

KEEGAN RIDER: Yeah, it’s graffiti, street art and pop art. It’s my best project/art party yet.

D&S: What will you have in the show?

KR: I’m doing a reflexive piece on drug addiction that I have created a Jesus stencil for.

D&S: How did you choose the artists for the show?

KR: The theme of the show is street art, pop art and graffiti writing as fine art. The artists are mostly from Tucson and are between the ages of 20 to 30. Many are known for street art and graffiti writing around Arizona and the West Coast.

D&S: Is the street art scene growing in Tucson?

KR: I believe so. We hope to create street art that is more than “graffiti.” It should be art that opens minds and leads to thinking about the world we live in. Street art is created to be temporary, which means it is art in its true form. The message and process of creating the work becomes the purpose of the piece.