Print Editions

Issue No.1 {The Quiet is Not Enough}


Four essays covering such subjects as forest fires, mountains and the citizens who live below gazing up in wonder, curiosity, delicious Hawaiian fish, legislative lines in the sand and line-crossing folk, traveling by bus, bathing in rivers, and yelling at the moon

One short story (Hank’s cello has not taken him as far as he hoped)

Six beards (with appropriate nomenclature)


Issue No.2 {Nobody Wants to Be a Sucker}

In it’s pages you will:

Learn why a snake lover went from terrified (blame Hollywood) to enamored (credit the her boyfriend)

Journey to Africa, twice: once to Kenya in the journals of a distraught missionary, once to Morocco in a supernatural story told as 100% true from native to foreigner.

Observe a debate over the awesomeness of a _____ job

Hit the pool and stay under for a moment

Issue No.2

Issue No.3 is now forming

Our third issue will focus on trying, trying, trying. Tentatively, it will cover running marathons, working the front lines of home crisis, psychologically diagnosing the young and rowdy, teaching high school, and learning how to be a doctor in Africa.

We’re always open to submissions. You can send you essay/short story/creative nonfiction/literary adventures in whatever form to

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